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Die weiße Treppe im Bürogebäude der EWS hebt sich dynamisch von der hellen Wandverkleidung aus Weißtanne ab und wendet sich fast skulpturhaft durch das Treppenhaus.

Not only our products are fantastic!

Lignotrend as an attractive employer

Our work at Lignotrend is characterised not only by the professionally consistent orientation towards high-quality timber construction culture but also by meaningful corporate values. The basis for this is formed by a healthy work environment and open communication – across all hierarchical levels. High transparency, fairness and taking individual needs into account are the pillars for the productive collaboration between the teams and our enjoyment at work. 

Regelmäßige interne Besprechungen gehören zur transparenten Kommunikation von Lignotrend
Transparent communication

The big picture: knowing what you are working for

To experience the meaning of one’s own activities and have it confirmed, every individual must be able to fit into the “big picture”. Our regular communication ensures an open, internal exchange about figures, information and developments at the company. This informs all employees about the current company objectives at all times. On top of that, the Lignotrend intranet “meinLIGNO” provides a variety of information across all departments about our day-to-day work. In this way, for example, production employees can follow how their work appears to the outside world and which results emerge from this.

Regulierung der Luftfeuchte durch Massivholz sorgt für behagliches Raumklima
Flexible working hours models

Compatibility of work and personal life

At Lignotrend, working hours can – depending on the area of the company – be organised as flexibly as possible. When it comes to administration tasks, a relatively high level of freedom is possible: here we have simply set out core working hours – for instance to cover customer service over the phone. Home working or part time rules can be agreed and special regulations can be arranged with colleagues. In the production department, work is currently done in standard shift models, which we are constantly adapting to the latest medical findings. We are thus able to give our employees the best possible framework health conditions.

Zusammenarbeit mit adaptiven Arbeitsweisen um die Schwarmintelligenz bei Lignotrend zu nutzen
Modern work methods

Collaboration that motivates  

Lignotrend is a steadily growing company and the work processes are becoming increasingly complex. Mutual support is all the more important to be able to provide the best performances. A key function for a good working relationship at Lignotrend is held by our internal “Agile Coach”. Adaptive work methods like Kanban and Scrum help us to make the most of the swarm intelligence of our employees and to develop forward-looking corporate strategies. Not only does that increase effectiveness, it is also more fun!

Sportliche Betätigung am Arbeitsplatz wird bei Lignotrend mit einem professionellen Trainer durchgeführt
Sporting stimuli

Keeping fit at the workplace

Once a week we offer our teams a 15-minute stimulating movement session: Directly at the workplace, a professional trainer presents targeted exercises for relieving the stresses and strains of everyday working life. The programme was introduced as a result of an employee survey and has been used enthusiastically ever since.

Gemeinsame Teilnahme an Sportwettbewerben fördert den Teamgeist innerhalb des Unternehmens
LIGNO® Sport

Promoting team spirit through sport

Taking part in competitive sport is, of course, supported by us. Because not only does it keep you fit, it also actively promotes team spirit within the company. In recent years we have mainly participated in running competitions such as the runs at Schluchsee and Estelberg or the Rothaus Mudiator Run. Participation in other sports competitions can also be sponsored, however. We pay the fees and equip our sportspeople with our Lignotrend shirt.

Unterstützung von Lignotrend bei der Anschaffung eines Fahrrads
Mobility support

Cycle to work... and further! 

What better way to enjoy nature here on the southern edge of the beautiful Black Forest than on a bicycle? That is why we support our employees in purchasing bicycles for use on the way to work, but also for use in their leisure time. You are also welcome to consider an e-bike.

Die Spielregeln bei Lignotrend sind wesentlicher Bestandteil der Unternehmenskultur
Giving work a framework

Rules of play for good work

We also regard our work as a “sporting” challenge. That is why we call the framework conditions that apply to all processes and employees the “rules of play”. They are an integral part of our corporate culture and are the basis for successfully working with and for each other.

Mitarbeiterausflüge und Firmenfeiern dienen zur Festigung der Gemeinschaft bei Lignotrend über die Arbeit hinaus
Parties and celebrations

Experiencing nice things together

Those who put in a great performance together prefer not to celebrate their successes alone either. To consolidate the sense of community beyond the workplace, every year we invite the staff to our year-end party to see out the past year together. On staff trips we visit places worth seeing, because not only does this expand one’s horizon but because we know that nice, shared memories also help to hold us together.

Das Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement von Lignotrend dient der Balance zwischen den Bedürfnissen jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters und den betrieblichen Erfordernissen
Company health management

Using skills in a targeted manner: Everybody is in the right place 

Health is an important asset that needs to be valued. The Lignotrend company health management system, which is made up of various elements, enables a sustainable balance between the needs of every employee and the company requirements. Priority is given here to our guiding principle: “Everybody in the right place”. By this we want to ensure that the skills of every member of staff are correctly employed. We give our employees individual support, for example with workplace analyses and, in case of conflicts, with competent help. Our company welfare service provides support in all aspects of work and personal life.

Die Lignotrend-gesundheitstage dienen der Gesundheit der Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz, aber auch im Privatleben
Lignotrend health days

Safe and healthy

To provide information about important health issues through presentations and interactive stations, we set up the “Lignotrend health days”: We give tips about nutrition and simple fitness training, but also focus on topics such as “Safety on forklifts” or fire protection in the workplace.

Eine Kooperation zur Gesundheitsvorsorge von Lignotrend und der Deutschen Rentenversicherung
Betsi prevention programme

Prevention is better than the cure

It is important to us that our employees can actively counter any possible illnesses in good time. If there is a need for specific prevention services, the “Betsi” programme, aimed at ensuring the ability to work, can be used – a cooperation between Lignotrend and the German Pension Insurance organisation. A six-day initial inpatient phase is followed by a three-month training phase at the workplace, so that long, onerous periods of illness and an early departure from working life can be prevented and health competence is promoted.