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Montage eines LIGNO® Upsi Justierständers für die Dämmung

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Schwer entflammbare Unterkonstruktion für LIGNO® Akustik light | Brandschutzklassifizierung: EN 13501-1 
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Connecting materials, fillers, end strips and much more: We supply you with the right accessories for the use of our elements, depending on your needs. Select product and category in the accessories filter: In this way, you will find out in no time at all which suitable materials and equipment we offer you for your construction task. 

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Küche eines Mehrfamilienhauses in Holzbauweise mit Akustikdecken LIGNO® Akustik light und gipsbekleideten Wandelementen LIGNO® Uni | Mehrfamilienhaus Riedpark Lauchringen
Everything that modern timber construction must be able to do

Core competencies

Intelligent multifunctionality characterises our products. Depending on the building requirements, LIGNO® cross laminated timber elements or the resulting components can solve tasks in many structural engineering disciplines without any problems. In accordance with the maxim "As much as necessary, as little as possible", they are configured individually and economically for the respective building task and respond precisely to structural engineering specifications and the planners' design ideas.

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Betreuung in der Planung von Bauobjekten von der Lignotrend Fachberatung

LIGNO® Professional advisory 

Lignotrend accompanies work on the optimum timber construction solution right from the planning: as a planning office or timber processing company, you can benefit from the competence of experienced consultants at your premises or alternatively by video conference, in which plans can simply be viewed and discussed together by screen sharing. We assist you in putting your creative ideas into practice in high-quality timber construction projects!

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Unterstützung in der Planung eines Gebäudes durch Lignotrend

LIGNO® Planning service

Lignotrend is convinced that the timber construction method will continue to establish itself if the focus is consistently placed on quality. As a manufacturer, we therefore offer numerous services related to timber construction made of LIGNO®, which architects, specialist planners and timber construction companies can order from us – for professional support in practice.

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