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Lignotrend-Brettsperrholz-Kastenelement ab Werk mit vorinstallierten Kabeln und Lehrrohren


Use cavities in the element

With LIGNO® wall, ceiling and roof elements, optimising with cavities facilitates a rapid and simple installation process within the cross-section. Compared to entirely solid timber components, the installation layout with LIGNO® CLT is also much more flexible and subsequently modifiable – for example when changing the use of rooms. 

Rapid building progress: Prepare installations ex-works

Building services quickly installed

Leitungen und Haustechnik integriert zwischen die einzelnen Stegen der LIGNO® Deckenelemente

Installations in the LIGNO® ceiling element

Cross-laminated timber web elements for ceiling construction provide space in the longitudinal channels between the bars for installations, e.g. for electric cables to the ceiling lights in the floor below, and also for installing waste water pipes to the downpipes.

Querinstallation von Leitungen und Kabeln und Natur-Kalksplitt Schalldämmung im LIGNO® Deckenelement

Transverse installation in the LIGNO® ceiling element

In the plane of the optional grid, installations transverse to the span direction are possible. Larger cut-outs are possible depending on the position in the layout, but must be individually statically verified.

Brettsperrholz-Elementstreifen von Lignotrend ab Werk mit Öffnungen für Leuchten

Prepared openings ex-works

Openings, e.g. for installing lights, can on request be integrated ex-works in the ceiling and roof elements.

Dachbauteile mit ab Werk vorinstallierten Lehrrohren und Kabeln

Roof components

With appropriate pre-planning, ducts and cables can be pre-installed in the factory – ventilation ducts along the span direction can also be considered. The planning effort pays off through the significantly faster finishing phase.

LIGNO® Brettsperrholzelemente mit Installationsraum für Leitungsdruchführung und Haustechnik

Installations in the LIGNO® wall element

Open vertical installation ducts with a grid size of about 31 cm (half element width) on one element side enable the installation of pipes and cables for electricity, water and building services in the wall.

Wärmedämmung mit Dämmständern von Lignotrend im Rohbau

Installation in façade renovation with U*psi

If an existing wall is thermally insulated with U*psi insulating uprights, new pipes and cables can be quickly installed externally on the hot side of the insulation, including transversally to the uprights

Brandabschottung in LIGNO® Elementen mit Hilti Brandschutzstein
Well thought-out details also for larger buildings

Cable/pipe layout with fire protection

When storey ceilings separate two usage units, installation space beneath the fire protection layers can be created – by configuring with so-called “Plus layer” - which minimises penetrations.

Not only in building classes 4 and 5 (medium-height buildings) but in general in multi-storey buildings, rising ducts, sealed off by separation components, must pass through. For a highly fire retardant and fire resistant design Lignotrend uses various firestop solutions of the Hilti company, which are dry and easy to install.
They are demonstrably suitable for installation in Lignotrend cross-laminated ceilings.

If, in wall components, plaster boards sealed against fire are penetrated by electrical installations (e.g. sockets, light switches) there is a fire-resistant separation solution inside the wall, into which simple cavity sockets can be installed. Intumescent materials there hinder the penetration of fire into the wall.

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