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Bau in Gebäudeklasse 4 mit Wandelementen made of LIGNO®

Fire protection:
Better to be safe than sorry

Show timber in multi-storey buildings and assembly rooms too

Multi-storey buildings of building class 4 or 5 require a high fire resistance, while assembly rooms require fire-retardant surfaces. The layered structure of LIGNO® cross-laminated timber makes it possible to react flexibly to these requirements by equipping the element body as necessary with additional fire protection layers or pre-treated visible layers.


Multi-storey timber buildings with a visible surface are also possible 

Fire resistance of load-bearing timber constructions

The fire resistance of the visible cross-laminated timber web ceilings is guaranteed beyond the theoretical burning of the timber. LIGNO® Rippe ceiling elements are configured with additional layers in the cross section (so-called z-layers: _z26, _z53, _z80) for the necessary fire resistance. With the typical limestone gravel filling between the webs, a component is created that is void-free in terms of fire protection.

The configured components made of LIGNO® for load-bearing, room-enclosing ceiling and roof constructions can be manufactured according to the German Approval Certificate (abP) up to Class REI 90 in accordance with EN 13501-2. The special feature: The real-wood visible layer on the underside of the ceiling requires no plaster cladding for this. The fine wood surfaces for which the Lignotrend construction elements are known can also remain visible in multi-storey buildings. If the requirement for encapsulation has already been omitted from the construction regulations of the federal state, this option also extends to building classes 4 and 5. 

Numerous superstructures that document the fire resistance up to REI 90 are also predefined for Lignotrend wall components. Important: the components are then also available in configurations adapted to the corresponding sound installation requirements. 

The component superstructures are catalogued in the data sheets. 

Clever details secure the structural fire protection

Brandabschottung von Bauteilen aus Holz mit Hilti Brandschutzstein

Single-cable/pipe bulkheads up to EI 90

Together with the manufacturer HILTI, a wide range of lead-throughs was tested in components made of LIGNO®. Individual cables or pipes are provided with fire-protection sealant or bandages, for example.

Brandabschottung mit Hilti Brandschutzstein in Lignotrend Brettsperrholzelementen

Combination bulkheads for dry installation

The combined lead-through of several pipes or cables through isolating components has been tested, for example, with the HILTI firestop block. It is installed dry and without cladding the inner edges of the opening with plaster.

Brandschutzgerechtes Detail für Einbau von Elektrodosen in hochfeuerhemmende Wand | LIGNO® Uni Q3-HL

Isolation of wall installations from EI 60

For places at which the plaster cladding of electrical installations is penetrated, a dedicated fire protection solution in the interior of the wall has been tested.

Bemessungsprogramm für Lignotrend-Elemente beinhaltet Feuerwiderstand und Statik von Decken- und Dachbauteilen
Lignotrend dimensioning program includes fire resistances of ceiling and roof components

The static proof of the fire resistance R 30, R 60 or R 90 (so-called "hot dimensioning") can be carried out with the Lignotrend LTB dimensioning program for ceiling and roof components, taking into account the theoretical burning of the timber: It is carried out there as an additional calculation operation with the residual cross-section after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. 

To latest LTB Version
Die Wandverkleidung aus Weißtanne sorgt in diesem Veranstaltungssaal der Stadthalle Cham für angenehme Raumakustik und natürliches, zeitloses Innendesign.
Special fire protection in assembly rooms

Flame-retardant real-wood claddings

When building rooms for a large number of people according to the Venue Regulations, suspended ceilings and claddings often have to be executed with flame-retardant surfaces. 

Therefore, variants were developed for the surfaces of the LIGNO® Acoustic light and LIGNO® Acoustic Sport acoustic panels that have been tested for flame retardancy (classification up to B-s1-d0 according to EN, replaces B1 according to DIN 4102): To prevent the spread of fire, the visible surface of the elements in the timber types silver fir and spruce in profile versions with 4 and 6 mm-wide joints can be provided with fire protection agents that are harmless to health. So that this wood treatment remains invisible and the colour of the light real-wood surfaces does not change, Lignotrend uses a new water-based, boron-free impregnating solution.  
In the two 33 mm-thick product variants 3S_33 and 3G_33, the fire behaviour class C-s2,d0 or B-s2,d0 according to EN 13501-1 is attained – slightly thicker special versions even attain B-s1-d0. Thus, different flame retardancy requirements applicable in Germany and Europe can be met. 

Flame-retardant variants are also possible if the surface is to be colour-treated. Corresponding classifications for LIGNO® Acoustic light provide secure planning bases.

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