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Die Produkte von Lignotrend fördern das gute und gesunde Raumklima besonders im privaten Wohnraum


Perfect building biology interior climate

Since 2006 Lignotrend products have complied with the very strict limit values for the natureplus® quality mark. This makes them officially the most environment-friendly and health-risk-free building materials in Europe. In buildings made of LIGNO® the special element structure favours a physiologically beneficial room climate, which prevents respiratory complaints and allergies.

Whether new building or renovation

Feel-good climate in modern timber construction

Nachhaltigkeitszertifizierte Bauteile made of LIGNO® aus Brettsperrholz | natureplus

natureplus® certification

The testing extends to ecology in the entire life cycle: to the origin of the woods, the functionality, and above all to the harmlessness to health of the whole element.

Verleimung von Brettsperrholz-Elementen gemäß der Emissionsvorgaben von natureplus

Zero emissions

The natureplus®-award criteria include limit values on emissions that go far beyond the legal requirements: e.g. regarding the strict limiting of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), but also freedom from other critical substances such as heavy metals.

Prüfbericht des TÜV für Lignotrend über gesundheitlich unbedenkliche Verklebung von Brettlagen mit Einkomponenten-PUR-Kleber

Harmless components

In LIGNO® cross-laminated timber, the individual board layers are bonded together crosswise, Lignotrend uses harmless to health single component PUR adhesives.

Aufbau eines Gebäudes made of LIGNO®

Effective for room climate: Hygroscopic capability of timber

Cross-laminated timber components from Lignotrend consist of solid timber with usually visible real wood surfaces. Temperature and air humidity keep a comfortable level - and that has a positive effect on the room climate.

Wandelement LIGNO® Uni | diffusionsoffen
Build breathable with natural material

Make use of the benefits of timber

Lignotrend cross-laminated timber components are constructed as web and box elements. Through with spaces between the lamellae, an increased exchange area for the air is created, which is about twice as large as the wall or ceiling surface itself. A very large part of the whole installed wood mass is thereby activated for the room climate regulation.

For the wood’s moisture-regulating ability to be active, it must be in contact with the room air. Between the interior and the timber there must be no vapour-tight layers (vapour barriers or foils). made of LIGNO® components are designed permeable on the room-facing side. They can take up moisture from the room and return it again to the room. Claddings, e.g. of plaster, are not disadvantageous to this exchange process that acts slowly over the seasons.

Lignotrend-Brettsperrholzlösung für ein Ferienhaus in Neuklostersee
 Complete system of coordinated components

Climate timber house: Holistic building philosophy

The more completely a building is made from components of the Lignotrend cross-laminated timber system for wall, ceiling and roof, the greater is the positive effect on the room climate. As a rule of thumb: Per m² of living space, at least 0.25 m³ of timber effective for the room climate should be installed. The holistic climate timber house building philosophy - already formulated by Lignotrend in 1995 – is thereby more than an ecological timber construction method. It is an entire approach. In interplay the solid timber of the cross-laminated timber elements can optimally deliver its natural climate-regulating ability.

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