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LIGNO® U*psi Justierständer im Rohbau

Thermal insulation
made of LIGNO®

Supports for energy-efficient building shells

Schematische Darstellung und Aufbau eines Dämmständers made of LIGNO® aus Holz

The lower the U-value of a component and the lower the psi value of the details, the less heat is lost. This is precisely where the U*psi cross-laminated timber insulating uprights from Lignotrend come into effect: They implement high insulating thicknesses in natural timber and minimise thermal bridges.

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Montage justierbarer Dämmständer LIGNO® U*psi S

As a highly thermally insulated curtain wall

The ladder rung structure of U*psi reduces the heat transfer to a minimum.In the U*psi F facing version, the ladder element is used as a spacer on façade or exterior wall constructions made of timber, masonry and concrete.

In the form of the U*psi S adjusting upright, it compensates for uneven or sloping surfaces – for example in renovation work or in sensitive façade designs.

Brettsperrholz-Leiterelement für die Dämmung von einem Gefängnisses

For new buildings and energy-efficient renovation 

The U*psi insulating upright spans the insulation level with minimised thermal bridges in new buildings as well as in energy-efficient renovations – no matter what building material the supporting exterior wall is made from. On or underneath floors adjoining unheated rooms, the ladder element can be used to elevate the floor or to suspend false ceilings.

Lignotrend-Dämmständer zur Verwendung in einer Dachkonstruktion

In the roof construction

U*psi ladder elements can also be doubled up as non-load-bearing counter rafters on an already existing load-bearing roof construction, e.g. made of cross-laminated timber panels or traditional rafters – both in rear-ventilated pitched roofs and in flat roofs. Separate rafters are then arranged for larger roof overhangs.

Highly efficient exterior wall insulation

Configuration options – insulating uprights 

Montage Lignotrend Dämmständer aus Holz auf Beton
Fast construction time

  • Simple and economical fastening
  • The fastening of U*psi is very economical – it is done simply at the rear spar using short fasteners. An installation layout transverse to the uprights is possible and is interesting above all for the renovation of masonry, for example.

    Brettsperrholz-Leiterelement für die Dämmung eines Dachs
    Thermal insulation
    Insulation standards up to passive house or Minergie-P

  • U*psi: Insulation up to passive house
  • The U*psi insulating upright transfers the façade loads to the load-bearing structure in a ladder-like manner. The insulation layer is accommodated in-between. Thermal-bridge-minimised details enable KfW insulation standards to be met as well as other energy standards from the low-energy house to passive house or Minergie-P.

    Ökologisches Dämmen mit Dämmständern von Lignotrend
    Ecological material
    Sustainable, stores CO2

  • Ecological insulation with U*psi
  • U*psi is manufactured from natural timber. Insulated with injected insulating flakes such as cellulose and wood fibre, the system is an ecological alternative, for example, to rigid foam panels. Alternatively, insulating materials in the form of mats can be used (e.g. non-combustible mineral wool).

    LIGNO® Uni und LIGNO® U*psi für die ökologische Dämmung eines Gebäudes
    Surface design
    Plaster - wood - etc.

  • Versatile façade insulation
  • As a rule, wood fibre insulating boards close off the insulation chamber. Different façade designs are possible: plastered, as a ventilated timber façade or with other façade cladding.

    Product properties – façade insulating upright

    Surface design

    U*psi is manufactured according to the cross laminated timber principle by crosswise gluing of board layers. It is therefore particularly dimensionally stable and precisely straight and is therefore also suitable as a quiet substructure for the safe execution of all types of façades, especially rendered façades.

    Surface design

    Plaster - wood - etc. 

    Thermal insulation 

    In front of load-bearing components made of wood, masonry or concrete, type F is used as a "spacer" to bridge the insulation level between the load-bearing structure and the façade cladding with as little thermal bridging as possible. 

    Thermal insulation 

    Insulation standards up to passive house or 

    Ecological material

    Lignotrend's sensitivity to the sustainable use of natural resources has led to the development of its own product, which can be used to produce large insulation thicknesses from renewable raw materials. 

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    Ecological material

    Sustainable, stores CO2 


    The insulation joist are fixed to the rear chord with short fasteners. An installation guide across the uprights is easy to implement.

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    fast construction time 

    Thermal bridge minimisation with U*psi insulation joists

    Energy-efficient building envelopes for new buildings and renovations

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