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Light-flooded family house with a view To the mountains 

Few materials - room acoustic effect

Moderne Deckenverkleidung made of LIGNO® für ein Esszimmer und eine Terrasse aus Echtholz in einem Einfamilienhaus in Dornbirn
Handliche Echtholz-Paneele in Weisstanne für den Heimwerker in einem Kochbereich im Einfamilienhaus im Landkreis Dornbirn
LIGNO® Akustik home als Deckenverkleidung für eine Terrasse im Landkreis Dornbirn

The first floor of the single-family house for a family of five, which is pushed into the slope on the uphill side, supports the upper floor, which appears light and transparent, as a solidly designed base. The strongly shaped panes of the two floor slabs span the frame for the upper floor and, together with the rigid wooden lamellas standing irregularly and regularly along the outer contour, form the façade. 
 A reduced choice of materials and the use of these in various functions result in a harmonious overall concept of the house. Oak is used as a style-defining type of wood: window frames, furniture as well as the acoustic ceiling on the upper floor provide a pleasant and warm contrast to the generously tiled floor in cement look. The tile floor, which is continuous from the inside to the outside with a joint grid, and the wooden ceiling, which is also continuous, allow the interior and exterior spaces to merge into an interlocking spatial continuum.



Project participants



    Stiglingen 1
    A - 6850 Dornbirn

  • RADON PHOTOGRAPHY / Norman Radon


    Zeppelinstraße 102
    85051 Ingolstadt


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