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Acoustic extension in single-family house in Waldshut district

Significantly improve room acoustics with LIGNO® acoustic panels

Esszimmer mit einer Lignotrend-Akustikdecke in einem Einfamilienhaus in Waldshut

When the whole family was in the living and dining area with adjoining kitchen, the background noise in this newly built single-family house in the Waldshut district had quickly built up into reverberant noise. No wonder, because the wall and ceiling surfaces of the contiguous, almost 60 m² room, which are kept in noble white, absorb almost no sound. 

The installation of an acoustic surface of 18 m² on the ceiling above the dining table, i.e. in absolute proximity to the main source of noise, provided a noticeable remedy. The real wood panels LIGNO® Akustik home reduce the propagation of sound towards the kitchen and living room. And when guests are sitting at the dining table, you create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxed conversations at the table itself.



Project participants

  • Foto & Design Gröber GmbH & Co.KG


    Untere Haspelstraße 29
    79761 Waldshut-Tiengen


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