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Lignotrend bezieht die Weisstanne für die Bauteile made of LIGNO® aus dem heimischen Schwarzwald

Designing timber construction

The Lignotrend vision summarises the qualities that define the company's perspective. 

Mit der Vision hörber.sichtbar.fühlbar gründete Werner Eckert das innovative Unternehmen Lignotrend

Our vision

The Lignotrend vision summarises the qualities that define the company's perspective. "Visible" represents the claim to offer a wide range of design variants in real wood, while "audible" stands for the focus on noise protection and room acoustics. Finally, aspects of a healthy room climate and the topic of safety for planners, building owners and users are behind the term "tangible".

Since 1991, people have been inspired by the innovative approaches of the team led by company founder Werner Eckert. Lignotrend has thought ahead and set trends, always following the claim, based on the principle of cross-laminated timber, to expand the possibilities of timber construction with new solutions, i.e. to design the timber construction.

Die Mission von Lignotrend ist es die Zukunft des Holzbaus nachhaltig zu gestalten, dazu produziert Lignotrend die eigenen Produkte aus heimischen Weisstannenholz

Our Mission 

The name "Lignotrend" shows the way: composed of the Latin word "ligno" ("with the wood") and the German word "trend", the brand also sets a programmatic direction: pointing in new directions with wood, making the future of timber construction sustainable.

Lignotrend proves that wood as a material is able to meet high technical requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection, room climate and acoustics in one component. Its aesthetics, the architectural design possibilities and the warmth of its naturalness evoke positive emotions.