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LIGNO® Akustik light in unregemässigem nature-Profil und abgestuften Leistenhöhen

Acoustic panels 
made of LIGNO®

Versatile interior finishings in real wood

Schematische Darstellung und Aufbau eines Akustikpaneels made of LIGNO®  aus Holz

The LIGNO® Acoustic light panels are used for sound-absorbing wall and ceiling claddings. Individual design ideas can be implemented on the basis of naturally grown wood – with a large choice of wood types and profile variations for the surface, both in the residential sector and in commercial construction. The lightweight acoustic panels, which are harmless in terms of building biology, supplement the Lignotrend range of load-bearing cross-laminated timber products by a visually and acoustically appropriate interior finishing variant. For new buildings and for renovations.

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LIGNO® Acoustic elements

Versatile application areas

Die Echtholz-Akustikplatten werden mit einem Klammernagler oder geeigneten Schrauben in der Fuge an der Unterkonstruktion befestigt.

Acoustic cladding for wall and ceiling

LIGNO® Acoustic light panels are attached over their entire surface to a substructure directly on a wall or ceiling. In the case of ceiling mounting, suspended substructures are also possible.

Zur punktuellen Schallreduzierung können vorkonfektionierte Akustiksegel einzeln oder als Gruppe aufgehängt werden.

Acoustic sails

Suspended individually or in groups on thin cables, the acoustic elements reduce disturbing sound reflections as a local measure – for instance above office workstations, reception desks or conference tables. The lighting can be installed ex works in the prefabricated acoustic sails.

Akustik Elementtafeln werden in vorhandene Tragleisten-Konstruktion eingelegt

Grid ceilings 

Cut-to-size element panels are also suitable for installation in conventional grid or cassette ceiling systems or for the replacement of damaged or dirty old panels. They are simply placed loose in the existing support rail construction.

Solve individual acoustic requirements flexibly

Acoustic panel configuration options

Die Paneele LIGNO® Akustik light werden aus heimischem Holz hergestellt. Der integrierte Akustikabsorber ist aus natürlicher Holzweichfaser und die Kleber sind emissionsarm.
Building biology
Certified products

  • Natural and harmless in terms of building biology
  • LIGNO® Acoustic light panels are manufactured entirely from grown, domestic timber. The integrated acoustic absorbers consist of natural wood fibre and the adhesives used are also guaranteed to be low-emission. Like all Lignotrend products, they also bear the natureplus seal for building biology quality.

    Die Akustikplatten erzielen mit den integrierten Schallabsorbern hohe Absorptionswerte. Außerdem gibt es für tieffrequente oder gering absorbierende Varianten akustisch optimierte Montagekonfigurationen
    Room acoustics
    Various profiles and low-frequency absorbers

  • Acoustic panel with integrated sound absorber
  • The acoustic absorber is integrated directly in the LIGNO® Acoustic light panel. With their broadband effect, the elements achieve high absorption values. Apart from that there are acoustically optimised mounting configurations – for instance for low-frequency absorption. A certain sound steering can be achieved with low-absorbing variants.

    Bei der raumakustischen Planung werden Raumgröße, Nutzung sowie akustische Anforderungen berücksichtigt | Online-Raumakustikrechner
    Planning assistance software
    Software for support

  • Room acoustics calculator:
    Help with planning
  • In the room acoustics planning, particular attention is paid to the room size, intended use and acoustic requirements. Lignotrend offers online room acoustics calculation tools for this. The effect of room-acoustics measures can thus be estimated even before conception and implementation.

    In Versammlungsstätten müssen Verkleidungen aus schwerentflammbaren Baustoffen bestehen
    Normal to flame-retardant

  • Acoustic elements with 
    flame-retardant surface 
  • Claddings in public assembly rooms must be made of flame-retardant building materials. Nevertheless, Lignotrend manufactures its acoustic panels with real wood surfaces: If a fire breaks out, fire protection agents that are harmless and remain invisible curtail the spread of the fire.

    LIGNO® Akustik light Elemente mit verschiedenen Akustikprofilen und Holzarten
    Surface design
    Silver fir – oak – etc.

  • Design variety in interior architecture 
  • With many different types of wood and profiles, as well as the possibility to choose the surface treatment, LIGNO® Acoustic light panels offer a broad spectrum for aesthetic interior architecture that in no way looks rustic. An attractive real wood pattern is achieved with the slat profiles.

    Die Akustikplatten erzielen durch das grosse Format von 625 mm Breite und 2.940 mm Länge eine hohe Verlegeleistung
    Fast construction time

  • Acoustic ceilings can be assembled quickly and cost-effectively
  • LIGNO® Acoustic light panels are easy to process. The large format with a width of 625 mm and a length of 2,940 mm allows fast installation speeds. Individual lengths up to 8,000 mm are possible on request. The longitudinal joint in the acoustic ceiling can thus be omitted.

    LIGNO® Akustikverkleidung wird mit verborgenen Klammern oder Schrauben an der Decke befestigt
    Concealed fastening

  • Homogeneity thanks to concealed fastening
  • LIGNO® Acoustic light panels are fastened invisibly with clamps or screws. These are completely concealed in the acoustic joints and the homogeneous real wood surface thus remains intact.

    Component structure

    Acoustic panels

    Product properties of the acoustic elements

    Building biology

    Since 2006, Lignotrend products have fulfilled the particularly strict criteria for the natureplus® quality mark and thus officially belong to the most environmentally friendly and harmless building materials in Europe.  

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    Building biology

    Certified products 

    Room acoustics

    Many people are not aware that in most interiors action with regard to the room acoustics is needed. Indeed, room acoustics is important in the planning – and not only in halls or classrooms, but everywhere, even in the private dwelling environment. Quiet and good speech intelligibility increase the practical value of the room – quite apart from the positive health effect of noise reduction.


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    Room acoustics

    Various profiles and low-frequency absorbers 

    Planning assistance software

    With the Lignotrend room acoustics calculator, reverberation or noise level reductions can be calculated and compared with the regulations of DIN 18041 - Audibility in rooms. Planners and building owners can use the online tool to make orienting calculations for the required absorber surfaces from Lignotrend products. A distinction is made according to the room groups from DIN.

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    Planning assistance software

    Software for support 


    When building rooms for a large number of people according to the Venue Regulations, suspended ceilings and claddings often have to be executed with flame-retardant surfaces. 

    Therefore, variants were developed for the surfaces of the LIGNO Acoustic light and LIGNO Acoustic Sport acoustic panels that have been tested for flame retardancy.

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    Normal to flame-retardant  

    Surface design

    The Lignotrend production department specialises in producing acoustic panels and load-bearing cross-laminated timber elements with high-quality visible surfaces in real wood. From aesthetic knotless to naturally knotty: For the one-ply-panels of the visible surfaces, Lignotrend processes various types and grades of as-grown timber.

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    Surface design

    Silver fir – oak – etc. 


    LIGNO Akustik light panels are attached directly to the wall or ceiling over their entire surface on a substructure. Suspended substructures are also possible for ceiling installation. 

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    fast construction time 

    Additive real wood panels improve room acoustics and design 

    From office to swimming pool

    Deckenverkleidung made of LIGNO® für das Hallenbad wasser:werk in Waldshut
    Wand- und Deckenverkleidung mit Akustikprofil für den Wellnessbereich im Gradonna Mountain Resort
    Akustikpaneele aus Holz mit integrierten LED-Lichtleisten im Bürogebäude von shopware AG Schöppingen
    LIGNO® Akustik light in astreiner Fichte für die Firmenzentrale Drees & Sommer AG in Stuttgart
    Weiss lackierte Akustikdeckenverkleidung aus Holz im Bürogebäude der World Trade Organization in Genf
    Decke des Ausflugrestaurants Umbrüggler Alm wird mit LIGNO® Akustik light neu verkleidet
    Catholic Primary School in Sydney mit Deckenverkleidung aus Holz
    Wandverkleidung mit Akustikprofil aus Holz für den Bildungscampus in Heilbronn
    Decke in Turnhalle der Kinderkrippe Wiggensbach wird mit neuer Akustikverkleidung aus Holz ausgestattet
    LIGNO® Akustik light an der Decke des Kindergartens Riedlepark in Friedrichshafen verbessern die Raumakustik
    Deckenverkleidung aus Holz mit LIGNO® Akustik light für ein Klassenzimmer der Schule Lycée Vauban in Luxemburg
    Decke des Rathauses in Kirchentellinsfurt wird mit LIGNO® Akustik light in Eiche verkleidet
     Decken- und Wandverkleidung aus Holz im Cinéma Acadia in Riom sorgen für exzellente Raumakustik

    Video tutorial on the installation of LIGNO® Acoustic light

    Prallwandverkleidung aus Holz für die Sporthalle der Kantonsschule Hardwald

    LIGNO® Acoustic Sport

    Lignotrend offers a complete system in the form of acoustically effective, area-elastic protective walls specifically for use in sports halls.

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    Useful items

    Accessories and supplementary products

  • Schrauben für verborgene Montage von Akustikverkleidungen auf Holz-Unterkonstruktionen

    Screws for LIGNO® Acoustic light and Sport / 3.5 x 40 mm 

    Screws for the concealed installation of acoustic claddings on timber substructures

    Product affiliation acoustic cladding
    Filter category connector

    SPAX full-thread screw incl. screwdriver bit
    for timber substructures of LIGNO® Acoustic light 3S-33



    • Full-thread screw with cylindrical head 
    • Stainless steel A4 
    • 4-cut tip 
    • Package contents: 200 pcs incl. screwdriver bit 
      (one Torx special bit with extended tip per package)
    • Requirement per m2 approx. 10 pieces 


    • 3.5 x 40 mm 
    • Head diameter 4 mm 
      (ideal for concealed fastening through 4 mm acoustic gap) 
  • Aluminiumrahmen für bündiges Einlassen des Revisionstürendeckels

    LIGNO® inspection flap for Acoustic light 3S-33 

    Aluminium frame for flush insertion of the inspection door cover -
    cutting to size of an acoustic element

    Product affiliation acoustic cladding
    Filter category supplementary products


    • 2 hex socket locks 
    • 2 special hinges for opening (90°), not visible when closed 
    • Chain guard to prevent dropping down 


    • Frame is mounted on 27 mm substructure and 
      is attached to the side of the substructure with 4 screws 
    • Can be inserted flush in the ceiling with a 4 mm joint all round. 


    • L 625 x W 370 x H 42.5 mm (internal 40.5 mm) 
    • Opening dimension: L 610 x W 355 mm 

    Wooden cover is cut to size from a normal acoustic element on site and screwed to the aluminium frame. Self-drilling screws can be used or alternatively holes can be drilled in the frame.

    Cover made of acoustic elements not included in the scope of delivery.

  • LIGNO® LED-Lichtleiste für die ebenflächige Montage in Akustikverkleidungen

    LED light strip, wide 

    LIGNO® LED light strip for flush installation in acoustic claddings.

    Product affiliation acoustic cladding
    Filter category supplementary products

    High-quality surface-mounted light made of extruded aluminium profile



    • Light strip 28 mm wide 
    • Compatible with profile variants _625-12-4, _625-12n25-4 and _625-22n40-4 
    • Harpoon formation 4.2 mm 
    • L x W x H: approx. (n x 100 + 15) x 28 x 27 mm max. length 2915 mm per element 
    • Diffusers made of white translucent PMMA, flush with profile 
    • LED illuminant, energy efficiency class A+/A++, degradation L80/b10 Connected voltage 24 V 
    • Flexible supply cable with 2 x 0.75 mm² and Wieland plug up to 2.8 m Protection class III; IP 20 
    • Prepared for on-site connection to converters 
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