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New construction Monte Rosa Hut

Optimized thermal insulation on 2,883 m

In order to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency of 90% with regard to energy consumption, the outer shell, among other things, was highly thermally insulated. In order to minimize the thickness of the insulation, the U*psi F-300 insulation stand with insulated web gaps was used, which minimizes thermal bridges.

Configuration overview

Components used

  • LIGNO® U*psi  |  Insulation joist

    Product code: LIGNO® U*psi F_g_300
    Insulation joist

    The lower the U-value of a component and the lower the psi value of the details, the less heat is lost. This is precisely where the U*psi® cross-laminated timber insulating uprights from Lignotrend come into effect: They implement high insulating thicknesses in natural timber and minimise thermal bridges.

    Insulation joist

    Fleece as chamber separation



Project participants

  • Studio Monte Rosa


    CH - 8092 Zürich



  • Holzbaubüro Reusser GmbH


    Zur Kesselschmiede 29

    CH - 8400 Winterthur

  • Holzbau AG


    Furkastrasse 2

    CH - 3983 Mörel-Filet

  • Reusser GmbH


    Zur Kesselschmiede 29

    CH - 8400 Winterthur


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